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Faktur / Invoice

La Hydi Ltd
Fashion Center
Jl. Setia dharma 02 No. 52 Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia


Johnson Tools & Co Ltd Your order no: AW 25

112 Kingsway

Liverpool Date: 18 August 2005

L20 6HJ

Invoice no: B 832

Quantity Item (s) Unit Price £ Total £

10 Polyester shirts, small 25.00 250.00

21 Polyester shirts, medium 26.00 546.00

12 Polyester shirts, large 27.25 327.00

Total 1.123.00

VAT (@ 17,5%) 196.53

One case (returnable) 23.25

Total amount 1342.78

Term 2,5% one month

E & OE Registered in England No 523807

E & OE: errors and omissions excepted. This statement reserves the supplier’s right to correct any errors which the document may contain.

VAT: Value Added Tax. A tax on goods and services, payable to HM Customs and Excise.


One comment on “Faktur / Invoice

  1. I agree, it’s I remember, probably ever

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